Buy or rent the ableX system 

Our simple rental plan gives you complete flexibility – a one-off cost to get you started and then a low monthly payment (less than $15/week) for as long or as little as you like.  Rental is currently available for the ableX system in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Or buy the ableX system in one easy payment and have it delivered to your door in less than a week.  The ableX system is authorised for sale in USA, UK and Europe, China, Korea, Singapore and Australasia.

Contact us now to order.

ableM coming soon

We are accepting pre-orders for the ableM arm skate.  Currently used to initiate the recovery of early arm movement in the Hand Hub at Royal Melbourne Hospital and at specialist rehabilitation centres, ableM is clinically validated and soon available for healthcare professionals. 

ableM is part of the ableX system, using the same suite of computer-based therapy games to provide a continuous recovery journey.

Health professionals please ask us about our managed ableX Pathway services and clinical packages.