Will ableX help me?

The ableX system has helped stroke people from the acute ward in hospital to self-care at home. If you can recognise simple shapes on a TV or computer screen and sit while supported, you can benefit from using ableX.

How does it work?

The ableX software and control devices work together, providing high intensity task-based rehabilitation for stroke-affected arms and hands.  Our therapy games are fun and easy to play on any Windows computer, and they’re designed to provide progressive recovery for an injured brain.  The ableX system stimulates neural plasticity, the brain’s ability to re-establish damaged neural pathways.

What do I need to get started?

ableX Pro requires a desktop or laptop computer with the Windows 7 operating system or better.  No internet connection is required.

Why the ableX system?

Recovering everyday use of your affected arm is often not a focus of rehabilitation after a stroke or brain injury. The best recoveries happen when your rehabilitation is independent, high intensity and task-based. Achieving this is a challenge with conventional one-to-one therapy.

The ableX system enables you to include arm and hand recovery as part of your daily routine, up to 1000 repetitions per session, without you even realising you’re doing it. By practicing independently and making it fun, you’ll get better value from your rehabilitation professional, and your stroke recovery will be faster.

ableX aims to stimulate neural plasticity, the brain’s ability to form new neural pathways after a stroke or brain injury, and encourage long term recovery habits. The ableX Pathway service for health professionals provides prescription support and tailored training routines based on routine observation and patient goals.

What do the X and M devices do?

Stroke recovery is a journey, and different tools can help along the way, depending on your rehabilitation goals. 

If you can lift your affected arm even a little, for example from resting in your lap up to the table, the ableX handlebar will help you increase range of movement, strength and control.  For many of our customers this has meant being able to do ordinary everyday tasks by themselves.

If you can’t lift your arm at all by itself, the ableM arm skate is likely to be the best device to get you starting to get some movement back.  Most people who start with ableM progress to the ableX handlebar after a few weeks.  ableM is also useful later in recovery to improve independent finger movement.

Is it proven?

Stroke participants in clinical trials of both the ableX and ableM devices recorded clinically significant improvements in their range of movement after just a few hours of prescribed use, and they also noticed improved concentration, balance, co-ordination and wellbeing.  These benefits were at least as significant as those recorded in trials of robotic therapies costing many times more than the ableX system.

Originally designed for people to use independently at home, the ableX system is now used by specialists in practicing healthcare settings from acute care right through to home care.